Summarize large discussion threads.

Summarize with Wikum

By harnessing the power of people backed by state-of-the-art human-computer interaction and machine learning techniques, users get complete control over the collaborative summarization process.

How does it work?



Through Wikum's easy-to-navigate tree structure, you can easily get a snapshot of the various comments, replies, and existing summaries of the entire discussion thread and then select the discussion level at which you want read or summarize.



After selecting a thread, you can, while write your own summaries, add tags, see highlighted important sentences, and add citations to existing content.



With the ability to vote on summaries or flag summaries that are inappropriate, Wikum empowers the community to moderate the entire ecosystem and ensure that only the best quality summaries remains.



By adding auto-suggested or user-generated tags, the comments can be grouped together for further action.


Flags empower users to moderate the lower quality or malicious summaries that don't follow community guidelines.


From a wiki philosophy, Wikum lets the user edit any existing summaries to make them better.


Wikum keeps a log of all edits so that the community can keep a record of all activities.

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Research about Wikum

Wikum: Bridging Discussion Forums and Wikis using Recursive Summarization. Amy X. Zhang, Lea Verou, David Karger. CSCW '17.
[pdf][Presentaciones y Pláticas]